So you need some electrical work done. It's always important to remember that electricity can be dangerous; you don't want to burn down your home or business by trying to save a few dollars.

While it may seem easier and cheaper to hire the guy who says he can get the job done for a fraction of the price you were quoted by a licensed electrical contractor, it isn't. You will most likely end up paying for the "bargain" in more ways than one.

For starters, the state of Florida has one of the most stringent building codes in the country. An electrician who is not licensed by Florida will not be familiar with the state building codes. While the job may get completed, when it comes time for an inspection there is a better than great chance that you will not pass. Now you have to try to bring the person back and get them to fix what they've done and get the work up to code.

And of course that is assuming you can find that person and get them to come back to fix their work. A person doing electrical work without a license is not going to want to deal with inspection issues or do repairs without being further compensated. Since they are not a licensed electrician they have nothing to lose by ignoring your request for help. Now you are stuck with costly repair bills and there go any savings from taking the cheaper route.

Another thing to consider is that there can be warranties for some equipment you have installed. You will want a dependable licensed contractor who is available and willing to perform those warranty repairs when you need them.

Hiring locally also contributes to boosting the local economy, which is never a bad thing. Starting your project with the right licensed local electrical contractor eliminates so many potential problems, it makes no sense to do it any other way.